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Agenda 17 September 2020

Llanfair Waterdine Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to join the scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on Thursday 17 September 2020 at 7.30pm. The meeting will be held remotely, via Zoom. 

The Press and Public are welcome to join the meeting, please contact the Clerk, Maggie Brown, for login details. [email protected] / 07398 222 310
The Quern, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell. SY7 0BW



2.Apologies for absence

3.Declarations of Interest and requests for dispensations


To consider co-opting applicant to fill casual vacancy, and, if co-opted to receive Declarations of Acceptance of Office as required.

5.Open Discussion

5.1 To receive brief oral report from Shropshire Councillor Nigel Hartin.
5.2 To hear views of members of public on agenda business items. 15 mins total, in accordance with Standing Orders. 


To approve minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held 16 July 2020. 


7.1 To note Barclays Bank Account balance @ 31 August 2020 £6,125.98
7.2 To approve payments:
Craven Design & Print – Llanfair Times March & September editions £438.50
Cllr Mark Hughes expenses - stamps £9.12
Mrs Maggie Brown, Clerk, Payroll Months 5 & 6 £305.13
Total payments £752.75

8. Highways

8.1 To consider implications of traffic diversion through Llanfair Waterdine.
8.2 Potholes. To receive update if required.
8.3 To note update (if received) on road conditions between Cwm Colla and the Green Farm, and between Melin y Grogue and Tregofa.
8.4 To note receipt of £400 Environmental Maintenance Grant from Shropshire Council, and confirm insurance liability cover is in place.
8.5 To receive report from the Parish Footpath Warden.

9.Policies and Procedures

To consider adopting policies as follows
9.1 Email policy for dealing with planning applications between meetings.
9.2 Email policy for News and Events items on the Parish Council website.


10.1 To receive report from Clerk, and consider costs and accessibility implications of changing to a new website.
10.2 To agree whether to set up new site or remain with HugoFox. 

11. Broadband

To consider Broadband update received from Connecting Shropshire in July.

12. Traffic calming in the village.

To receive an update.

13. Llanfair Times

13.1 To note Cllr Croose’s resignation from the Llanfair Times team, and appoint new parish council representative.
13.2 To note balance in ringfenced funds.


To consider effects of pandemic on the Parish, and any further actions required.

15. Correspondence

To discuss in detail any items of correspondence (so requested by members ahead of the meeting)

16. Date of next meeting

A resolution will be passed to exclude the press and public from the following confidential item.

17. Employment

To consider 2020-21 National Salary Award of 2.75% and agree whether this should be passed on.

18. Close


Mrs Maggie Brown
Clerk to the Parish Council
07398 222 310 [email protected]