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Agenda 16 July 2020

Llanfair Waterdine Parish Council

Councillors are summoned to join the scheduled meeting of the Parish Council on

Thursday 16 July 2020 at 7.30pm.

The meeting will be held remotely, via Zoom.

The Press and Public are welcome to join the meeting, please contact the Clerk, Maggie Brown, for login details. [email protected] / 07398 222 310 / The Quern, Chapel Lawn, Bucknell SY7 0BW


  1. Welcome
  2. Apologies for absence
  3. Declarations of Interest and requests for dispensations. 
  4. To consider co-opting two applicants to fill casual vacancies, and, if co-opted to receive Declarations of Acceptance of Office as required.
  5. Open Discussion:
    5.1 To receive brief oral report from Shropshire Councillor Nigel Hartin.
    5.2 To hear views of members of public on agenda business items. 5 mins each 15 mins total, in accordance with Standing Orders.
  6. Minutes: to approve the minutes of the Parish Council Meeting held on 21 May 2020.
  7. Planning
    7.1 Policy: To consider adopting updated policy for dealing with planning applications between meetings.
    7.2To consider response to the following planning application:

Reference 20/02618/FUL 
Alternative Reference PP-08849613
Application Validated      Wed 08 Jul 2020
Address Tyn Y Coed Red Lane To Hidmore Redgate LD7 1UE
Proposal Application under Section 73A of the Town and Country Planning Act1990 for the erection of single storey extension on footprint of former pigsty; replacement of doors and windows; installation of 2No. dormer windows and block up existing window.  Deadline 8 August 2020.

7.3 To consider sending feedback and/or queries to Galloway Estates Ltd Chartered Surveyors (for Airwave Solutions Ltd) relating to Airwave site DFP057 Consultation - Proposed Base Station Site Upgrade: Land at The Craig, Llanfair, Waterdine Shropshire, LD7 1TS  NGR: 325044, 276147  Deadline 23 July 2020.

8. ‚ÄčFinance
8.1 To consider forming a Finance Working Group of at least three councillors. 
8.2 To delegate responsibility to the clerk, in liaison with Finance Working Group for immediate payment, within budget, for the following: printing of Llanfair Times; payroll; PAYE; public liability insurance. Payments will be noted in the Minutes of the following meeting.
8.3 To consider subscriptions received for Llanfair Times. 
8.4 To consider moving £465 (virement) from reserves to budget heading Llanfair Times to cover printing costs.
8.5 To agree payroll be processed by the Clerk/ Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) using HMRC Basic PAYE Tools. 
8.6 To agree Clerk/RFO be added to bank mandate.
8.7 To receive Quarter End report from RFO.
8.8 To note dates of Public Inspection of accounting records 2019-20. Set by RFO – Tuesday 1 September to Monday 12 October 2020.
8.9 To note Barclays Bank Account balance @ 30 June 2020 £6,344.57
8.10 To approve payments:
Mrs Sarah Jameson, Clerk – May 2020                                     161.28 
Shropshire Association of Local Councils Inv. 172                     155.18
Craven Design & Print Inv. 30410 Llanfair Times - June            262.00
Mrs Maggie Brown, Clerk, Payroll Months 3 & 4                        305.13
Total payments                                                                          £883.59

9. To consider policy for forwarding News Items to residents under General Data Protection Regulations. 

10. Historic Minutes
10.1 To discuss location of Parish Council records prior September 2016.
10.2 To consider depositing historic Minutes at the Shropshire Archive for safekeeping.

11. To consider effectiveness of dog fouling posters, and whether to keep or remove them.
12. COVID-19:  To consider effects of pandemic on the Parish, and further actions required.
13. Defibrillator: To consider further training for VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) volunteers.
14. To consider website accessibility and necessity to alter existing site.

15. Highways
15.1 Potholes – to receive update
15.2 To consider poor road conditions between Cwm Colla and the Green Farm, and between Melin y Grogue and Tregofa
15.3 Environmental Maintenance Grant – to receive update.
15.4 Footpath Officer - to receive update
15.5 Any issues for report to footpaths officer

16. Traffic calming in the village – to receive update.
17. Llanfair Times – to receive an update.
18. Climate Emergency Declaration – to receive an update and agree further action as required.
19. Llanfair Waterdine Community Trust Report – to receive an update.
20. Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) Report
21. Correspondence - to discuss in detail any items of correspondence (so requested by members ahead of the meeting).
22. Next meeting – Thurs 17 September 2020.

23. To note meeting dates for 2021: 21 January; 18 March; Annual Meeting of the Parish Council 20 May; 15 July; 16 September; 18 November. Annual Meeting of the Parish to be arranged.

24. Close

Mrs Maggie Brown
Clerk to the Parish Council
07398 222 310 [email protected]