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The Parish of Llanfair Waterdine

The Llanfair Waterdine Annual Parish Meeting (of the electorate) will take place on Thursday 29 April 2021 at 7.30pm.  It will be held via Zoom as it is not confirmed when COVID-19 restrictions will allow a number of people to mix indoors.  Further details will follow.  

The next Parish Council meeting is the Annual Meeting of the Parish council on Thursday 20 May 2021 at 7.00pm immediately followed by the scheduled May meeting.  Please note earlier start time.  You are welcome to join the meeting. The Venue will be confirmed nearer the time.   


Spread along the north bank of the winding river Teme, Llanfair Waterdine is a rural parish in the southernmost corner of Shropshire. Along with Lloyney just over the other side of the border in Wales there are just over a 100 households.

It is sheep and cattle country with small family farms dotting the landscape.

Although in England it is sometimes considered more Welsh in character with its steep wooded interlocking hills. The ancient boundary, Offa’s Dyke winds scenically across the Parish, Llanfair Waterdine being at the same time both part of The Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and the Welsh Marches.